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Dalian century, huarong gold financial services Corporation, was founded in January 2011, is approved by the Finance Office, Liaoning province, the establishment, in Dalian City Administration according to the registered microfinance companies. Dalian small borrowing, Dalian small credit, Dalian small credit company, Dalian small Credit Union, Dalian small borrowing company, Dalian small amount loan, Dalian small degrees loan, Dalian small no mortgage loan, Dalian small no mortgage loan company, Dalian small loan, Dalian small loan day lending, Dalian small loan company, Dalian small loan no mortgage, Dalian formal small credit, Dalian formal small loan company registered capital one billion million million Yuan Yuan, Is currently the only company in Dalian area State-controlled joint-stock microfinance institutions. Company adhering to "integrity for this, and self-discipline specification, and de can phase long, and harmony up" of culture concept, practice line "with respect fingering customer, and with sincere win customer, and with action support customer, and with total win returns customer" of service concept, to small credit legal regulations for guidelines, to service SMEs for target, to advance regional economic development for purposes, is committed to for customer development provides quality, and shortcut of credit service, achieved multi total win.

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