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Success stories

successful loan of 3 million

Zhang, because of the company's business needs are missing part of the funds, then find my company. Began Zhang Mr worried application amount too much Bank not lending, so application 1 million yuan of liquidity loan, Hou by I company Customer Manager visited survey, understand to Zhang Mr company accounted for to area 1600 square meters around, main business wood, used processing sales one-stop business mode, years sales 30 million around, margins in 10% to 20% around, upper and lower visitors households resources widely, products strictly checks, won customer trust. After company and negotiate the amount into 3 million Yuan. After reporting the Bank through Bank Account Manager investigate, company approved, finally succeeded to 3 million yuan of loans, he solves a problem of money.


Chen successfully a loan of 2 million

Chen Putian in Fujian province, operates a lumber firm in Dalian, is mainly engaged in a variety of wood, templates, etc, Years sales about for 60 million around, profit about accounted for 10%, because company to purchase a logs, needed 2 million Yuan, Chen Mr hope using forward payment of way, from Bank opened 2 million of acceptance for turnover, such can reduced on English funds of occupied, also can expanded production scale, but due to Bank on its business status, and credit, aspects not is understand, so General Bank not willing to on align for invoicing, He learned that my company can do to people familiar with the bank acceptance bills of exchange guarantees, so find my company, demands, our account managers for the first time by reaching through a week of action to help Mr CHAN succeeded from the Cooperative Bank of 2 million out of bank acceptance bills, addressing its needs.


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