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Salary loan

Salary loan

amount: 100,000 lines of
range: 1.00~50.00 million
deadline: December
the term scope: 6-36 months
monthly: 10763
repayment method: installment
total cost: 29,200
time: 5 working days (approval for 3 business days) costs
Description: 2.43%  month management fee;

application conditions
1, and age conditions: 20-60 age
2, and water conditions: serving work continuous half above (containing half) of official employees, not positive, and retired employees temporarily not accepted
3, and months income 2000 Yuan and the above, Bank generation sent or cash form issued of are can
4, and credit conditions: submitted detailed version credit report
5, and enterprise credit network or organization institutions code network (civil servants, and Enterprises employees except) query customer where work units business qualification, and provides query voucher
6, and property conditions: property, and purchase contract and purchase invoice, and produced adjustable single, and property mortgage contract, (can selected)
7, and individual industrial and commercial households, and enterprise owners, and shareholders (accounted for unit 20% and the above) cannot application paid easy loan
8, and was refused to of customer 3 months within not can repeat into pieces, customer active gave up except, and owned enterprise except

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