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Golden Collar credits

Golden Collar credits

amount: 200,000 lines of
range: 1.00~50.00 million
duration: 24 months term
range: 6-36 months
monthly: 12133
repayment method: installment
total cost: 91200
time: 5 working days (approval for 3 business days) costs
Description: 1.90%  month management fee;

application conditions
1, and age conditions: 25-55 age
2, and water conditions: wage for Bank generation sent and for local minimum wage of 3 times times; civil servants, and country enterprises of official on-the-job employees, after-tax wage is greater than is equal to 3000 Yuan
3, and social security, and Provident Fund paid in 1 years above (and also in paid in the)
4, and credit conditions: submitted detailed version credit report
5, and enterprise credit network or organization institutions code network (civil servants, and Except for employees of enterprises and institutions) to query the customer's workplace business qualification and provide query documents
6, housing conditions: ownership and purchase contract and purchase invoices, transfer orders, mortgage contract (optional)
7, submitted to the social security fund accounts and passwords, have signed labor contracts (period of validity)


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