2015 spare money to save the banks or banking?

in 2015, China's economy officially entered the new normal. So, in the context of Central Bank interest rate cuts in 2015, personal finance and money the Bank is?

this question may seem simple, but this year won't be easy. First, money is a rigorous discipline, like medicine, palpation is required to provide the best solutions. Financial product there is no absolute good or bad points, the key is right for you.

Secondly, even if bank deposits. Each bank deposit rates vary greatly. Central Bank to cut interest rates from March 1, while the interest rate float space increases to 30%. This means, the same one-year fixed deposits, a bank's interest rate was 2.5%, 30% Bank of 3.25% and float.

in fact, different way of managing money and products, both in terms of return on investment, risk, liquidity varies for different customer groups, the same ratio of customers of different ages will be different, we cannot simply compare which product is better.

low risk tolerance, you can choose some low-risk way of managing money, such as bank deposits, Treasury bonds and fixed-income products, etc; if the risk-bearing capacity is strong, you can select some high risk and high yield way of managing money, such as stock, foreign exchange and other.

necessary safeguards before the financial
  money is for capital gain, but the risk is always unpredictable, which can risk can be controlled in two ways, one is set aside spare cash. While putting money in the Bank not much value added in current, but should be 3-6 months of income as a family emergency fund for a rainy day.

II is the insurance plan. Insurance is a risk management tool in the family finances, rather than investing in tools. Function of insurance is to protect future life was completely changed because of the risk. As people's awareness and understanding of insurance, after experiencing a strange, offensive, hesitant in the early stages, gradually began to accept insurance. Worthy of note is the need to choose of insured family members.

How to do banking? Characteristics of
  everyone is different, if the risk is low, you can choose some low-risk way of managing money, such as bank deposits, bonds, currency funds, capital preservation products, and so on. Worth mentioning is that the current balance of various Internet company Bao, Baidu and other products made by the hundreds, in fact, is the International Monetary Fund. In the investment threshold, savings for 50 Yuan, bond is 100 Yuan, the IMF is 1000 Yuan, balance treasure, such as Bai FA is the starting point for a few Yuan, guaranteed Bank financing products for 50,000 yuan.

If the risk-bearing capacity is strong, you can select some high risk and high yield way of managing money, such as equity, structured non-capital preservation products, P2P banking, sunny private equity, private equity funds, equity funds, investment-linked insurance, commodity futures, stock index futures and margin trading, and so on.

, of course, "don't put all your eggs in one basket. "Investment is the same, to diversify. If you have extra money, it is not wise to invest or save all Bank.

Appendix: family finance law of five

4321 law: domestic asset allocation ratio was 40% per cent of household income to housing and other investment 30% for family living expenses, 20% for bank deposits for emergency use, 10% for the insurance.

72 law: not interest arbitrage deposits capital gains 1 time the time required to double equals 72 divided by the annual rate of return. For example, if a bank deposit of 100,000 yuan, the annual interest rate is 2% per year compound interest, how many years will get 200,000 yuan? The answer is 36 years.

80 law: stock rational proportion equal to 80 per cent of total assets minus age beyond adding a percent sign (%). For example, at the age of 30 shares 50% per cent of total assets, at the age of 50 accounted for 30%.

mortgage law of 31: monthly mortgage payment does not exceed the monthly income of the family 1/3.

double family insurance law: home insurance set the appropriate limits for 10 times the annual income of the family premium spending the proper proportion of household income 10%.



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