Banking "online shopping" is expected to break the ice

recently, close to regulators said Bank financing products purchased for the first time need to be signed in front of regulators are studying the release currently under process. This means that channels of banking products through the Internet sales are expected to break the ice.

"with T+0 Internet banking products, traditional bank financing products purchased must be for the first time to counter the interview has to some extent limited the banks to finance business expansion, if regulators for comment, banks will raise both hands agreed. "A banking sector of persons admitted.

"buying financial products need to interview the main financial services sales, risk management issues, finance business risks at any time through face to face assessment signed, after being fully informed the Bank does not bear the responsibility, but if not fully informed, will increase the risk of customer complaints. "Those close to regulators said.

"complex banking products, categories, many may let some product or class of products (interview), depends on the related management's risk rating, such as whether to control systemic risk will occur. Is expected to be stable, less risky financial products in the first release, hopefully this year. "Those close to regulators said.

bankers generally agreed that banking products in the mass after the advent of Internet banking products seem less significant. In addition to the minimum requirement of 50,000 yuan to buy outside the threshold, another reason is that banking product "interview" difficult to overcome.

"If you let go of first-time buyers finance counter evaluation can enhance the competitiveness of traditional banking products. "Country Yuan securities (8.46,-0.11,-1.28%) Lu Yujia financial researcher said.

However, Deputy Director of the finance and Economics Research Center of modern financial Xi Junyang said, because customers buy financial products of risk, the principle is still not very clear, financial products is often misunderstood as deposits, such deposits, now signed it would be inappropriate to release for the first time, when the time is ripe, will gradually open up.



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