Dalian financing industry to increase structural adjustment

in 2014, in the context of tightening macro-economic and financial situation, Dalian financial guarantee industry policy oriented, intensify structural adjustment, development in the regulations.

by the end of 2014, the city's total of 122 credit guarantee institutions, total 29.9% registered capital totaled 15.09 billion yuan, total 31.6% average registered capital of 124 million Yuan, is higher than the provincial average; added an amount of 30 billion yuan for the year, accounted for 31.1% of the coverage totaled 28.1 billion yuan, total 27.6%. Indicators are still ranked first in the province.

financial development in Dalian Bureau recently issued the Declaration on strengthening the development of risk prevention and control to promote secured financing industry norms (review draft), the city secured membership of the Association signed a self-discipline Convention.

on Dalian City financing guarantees industry this year of development, city financial Development Council related head said, financing sex guarantees institutions to deep understanding macroeconomic new normal, active should economic down pressure new challenge, reasonable balance business development and risk control of relationship, to strengthened risk warning, is strictly prohibited flight, and misappropriated capital, is strictly prohibited to various form participation illegal fund-raising activities, adhere to never touch touch illegal violations business of bottom line; To improve the supervisory mechanism, improve regulation, improve the efficiency of supervision, promote sustainable development of financing industry.



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