The circulation of rural land right to mortgage loans

beginning of spring, many business owners engaged in agricultural production in Chunan county got a piece of good news, from March 15, 2015, the circulation of rural land right to mortgage--which would effectively broaden the "three rural" financing channels, and to speed up rural land circulation in Chunan, advancing large-scale, intensive and industrialized operation of agriculture.

nongban the relevant person in charge of the County, according to the Chun Government's new interim measures for the administration of circulation of rural land right of mortgage loans, mortgage loans, County engaged in farming, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery production and operation of all kinds of agricultural production and management entities. Borrower lawfully acquired right to the land, and shall obtain the circulation of rural land right certificates and obtain employer (the village economic cooperatives or share economic cooperatives) and out of agreed collateral, and when loan will not be returned by a financial institution for the disposition of mortgage of land circulation management in writing. Collateral of land is required to have a certain production scale and sustainable productive capacity of agricultural land and other rural land eligible for mortgage and business law, no change of agricultural use.

according to understand, phase more Yu other loan, rural land circulation right mortgage loan need provides of personalized information main is 3 items: land circulation right ownership proved material, including rural land circulation contract, and rural land circulation right card,; ground (containing underground) attached real situation description information; employer party and the outflow Party agreed mortgage and agreed financial institutions disposal mortgage real of written proved material. After borrowers entered into mortgage contracts also need to County nongban mortgage registration formalities, financial institutions after the circulation of rural land right to his warrants, loans under the loan contract.

in addition, in order to encourage financial institutions to support the development of agricultural production and management, financial will also be issued to financial institutions in Chunan County of circulation of rural land right mortgage incentives.


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