Jiang Daming: clean the small property statistics

Jiang Daming, Minister of land and resources said on 10th in June set uniform registration of real estate regulations. He also stressed that to toe red line of 1.8 billion mu of arable land and basic farmland should be divided permanently to ensure China's grain security.

Jiang Daming said uniform registration of land as the core of real estate, including real estate such as houses, grassland, woodland and sea of uniform registration duties. Includes 9 departments will be established the Inter-Ministerial Joint Conference system in June this year real estate register regulations.

real estate register's influence on prices, said Jiang Daming, this implementation of the property law, property rights and a comprehensive work of enterprises. Before the establishment of the unified registration system, he said, existing ownership documents are valid. When this system is in place has not established, each function to work properly, in order to facilitate the registration of real estate enterprises, population.

, he says, "this is the implementation of the property law introduced in 2007, scattered in the various sectors of real estate, land registration for the core, unified body unified information platform. "Jiang Daming said, the formation of real estate registration office will not add to the preparation, all systems are adjusting.

Jiang Daming said protecting cultivated land, improve the quality of cultivated land is the important work this year, to defend red line of 1.8 billion mu of arable land.

cultivated land requisition-compensation balance "dominated up bad", and so on, Jiang Daming stressed, must focus on improving cultivated quality and pay dominated supplement, covering paddy fields to the paddy field, not "substituted for Port-au-Prince."

Jiang Daming said, although after the second national land survey, an increase in the amount of cultivated land in China, mainly because of standards, technical methods of improving and rural tax policy adjustments and other factors, not cultivated land that has actually increased.

late last year appears small property "recovery" price momentum, said Jiang Daming and joint related departments will continue to gear, winds down JI. He disclosed that currently China's 28 provinces (regions and municipalities) has come up with the programme of work, this time will be focused on building small property sale "demolition group, process group, AWE, accountability."

Jiang Daming also revealed that official is also to clean up the situation around the small property statistics and put forward an opinion.


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