Just needed love, small three-room property "products"

property market experienced a rush on large, small, currently mistress to become housing hot pet, regulation even in the most severe, in 2011, in large and small apartment and other real estate sales when bottlenecks, small room but a monolith. Today, the third room has become the main product in the market, most home buyers must be targeting "small room".

small room into the property market "product"

under the background of market regulation, "just need to purchase" has become the main force of the market, and with the changes in the market buying groups, Hefei three popular degree is also increasing. It is understood that in the current property market in Hefei, compact type, more practical after the introduction of three products, tend to be sold quickly.

Apple town sales Zhang Jianfeng, head of the project, talking with reporters, said, "our three room houses was better than sales of two-room houses a lot, especially 88 square meters of the room is favored, and many first-time buyers also choose this type. "

reporter recently found that 80-140 square meters of three especially popular. In new projects, reporters saw contract buyers, buying up to 90 square meters, the small three-room of 93 square meters. Property consultant described, type item 3 of 97 square recently selling relatively well, not many houses left.

actually began last year when many homeowners buy room has tended to feature a wide array of small rooms, small housing sales began to rise. In the context of high prices, this is a side note, many buyers are beginning to abandon the idea of transition to buy small-, direct selection in one step, resulting in a small three-room sales.

high prices but small Fang Chenggang requirements under "Favorites"

undoubtedly under the high price, low price small room became a market demand for the largest type of product. 90-110 square meter apartment three rooms occupies an important place in the real estate sales, small housing into high prices in the property market's "favorite."

small relative to the big three, is a three-bedroom apartment is small, General construction area 90110 square, functional and practical, relatively high price.

it is understood that the property layout is divided into three types: one is below 90 square meters two-room apartment, is 90 sq m-110 square meters of "small room", there is also a 130 square meter three-room house. Currently on the market there, the greatest impact is the first and third houses, the former investor, the latter for improved housing. But the second listing to find appropriate objects, so the houses are often ignored by the developers.

low price comes at the expense of small-space, functionality, and cost of living comfort, especially for larger families and prepare your child for couples, small sized

looks very tasteless. But under higher prices must be in space and can strike a balance between demand and price, at high prices, relatively low price and can basically meet the space needs of small three-room will gradually be "needed" attention, and have gradually become a hot property after 08.

can say that small room is behind the popular "just needed" but at a high price. Is under the high prices, the result of compromise between price and demand.

small three step total feature difficult to balance

buy "one-stop", three further increases in housing demand. This is also another important factor leading to small market selling. "The advantage of buying Fannie and Freddie, reasonable price, type and practical, can meet the needs of three homes. Drawback is that now a lot of Fannie and Freddie are too small, with limited space.

going for bigger houses, and second-home buyers, and trouble in a pile. Buy a small three-room, the biggest advantage is the use of space has increased, and spacious, but beyond the budget component of economic pressure, to let some people shaken.

with restrictions, limiting the loan, as well as the rising cost of room, "one-step" became the first place need new choices.

small room is the product of price and area feature compromise, precisely because of its low price and high functionality of so that it fits the current needs for price and features you want, so

Hefei current developers are almost always sold about 90 square meters of "two rooms to three-bedroom". Some of the developers in order to meet this need, two House into three bedrooms to 90 square meters.

actually District real estate sales small deposit large differences in performance, supply both enjoy "solar" treatment, some visitors at a high price. Comprehensive, different sections of the balance remaining of the small three-room price and size differences. In General, the bustling small rooms high price, new small three-room price is lower, tend to be better able to meet the needs of residential function type, in General, more comfort than the three live in the Center.

If the small room in the Center fully satisfy the needs in the area of housing needs, often in terms of price and favorite small rooms just want excluded.

therefore, in terms of size and the balance between price, xincheng district, most of the small three-room price within the range that you want, the Center City District is poor. Really are just like small room is the price with the best real estate in the area of balance, is generally near the new city development of new small three rooms. In fact, these property for small room is becoming a major contributor to property sales.



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