Internet banking: why brush face?

on April 13, Tencent tenpay announced with the Ministry of public security is a member of the national citizen ID number query service center will establish strategic cooperation. Tencent said it was working with micro-banks on finance, securities, and so face recognition application.

on March 17, MA in Germany Hanover electronic communications show brush face brush, 1948 Hannover commemorative stamps were bought from Taobao, Ant Smile to Pay sweep gold suit face behind this technology.

"horse" in the face with brush technology, not two like the self-timer, but face-recognition technology is the IT industry's next wave technologies, many domestic and foreign enterprises are positively the layout in this field.

upsurge brush face paying

brush paid being set off a boom in the face last April when Baidu Baidu issued wallet "brush face pay" feature. Subsequently, in addition to the bosses of the Internet, banks and other financial institutions have quietly layout "brush the face" technique.

as a personal identification technology, face recognition and other biological characteristics of the human body, such as fingerprint, Iris, voice, compared to more intuitive and convenient. Because the human face can not be copied, difficult to counterfeit, features, make up a password, signature, password, leaked, forgotten by traditional means such as evidence of weakness.

in China, has a population of 1.3 billion, this market has great potential for face recognition. Starting from 2010, domestic market growth of face recognition products, grew from 670 million Yuan by the year 2014 of 1.49 billion yuan.

why bosses scrambled "brush face"?

face brushes, eye brushes, brush the palms ... ... Biometrics has become "the next outlet."

why bosses are rushed to layouts? from Tencent's comments had a taste of exactly what, "is working with the micro-banks on finance, securities, and so face recognition application. "Ant-gold suit is also for this purpose," the most important thing is for the Internet financial services of technical reserves. "

insiders, in traditional finance, when users apply for bank loans or securities accounts, must go to the store to do identity verification to complete the interview. Now, through face recognition technology, users need to open the phone camera, making your own photo, you can complete the identity verification. The new technologies improve the user experience at the same time, to ensure safety, "because biometric technology uses a password is ' stolen '. "




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