Missing deposits exposed Bank loophole the CBRC thorough investigation

nearly a year, the deposit "disappearance" cases have occurred, Yiwu, Nanjing, Hubei has seen deposits "disappeared". Bank internal control system vulnerabilities so that "inner demons" to exploit. Banking Regulatory Commission insider said, "to understand that employee within the Bank with high interest rates to lure disguised selling insurance, funds and other financial products, have become the savings ' missing ' the main reason. "

banking regulatory Bureau of Hebei province high-tech Li wrote that at present, deposits usually have three kinds of scams, the first is social fraud. For example, "fraudsters are conspiring to fake Bank seal, making up false deposit agreement, pretending to be a bank staff to the company account, obtain company information required for the account, and die, and personal seal, false account information, bank account opening procedures, and using a fake chop savings out of banks. "

" second bank employees and society officers conspired to defraud. The common deceptive bait ' high savings interest rates '.

third bank employees to defraud the customer deposits. There have been lured savers Bank employees repeatedly entered password, without the customer's knowledge of the case, secretly deposit transfer. "High-tech Li further said.

recently, the CBRC held the 2015-CBRC rule of law work (telephone) meeting proposed to promote thinking and direction of the banking law. China Banking Regulatory Commission Chairman Shang Fulin stressed that, to encourage the banking sector to regulate the management and urge the implementation of legal responsibility for banking financial institutions. Increase the accountability of disciplinary efforts, uphold the authority of the law, improve the supervision of deterrence. "The current focus on ' two strengthening, contain ' special investigation cases of collusion to defraud the customer deposits, in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the parties and relevant responsible persons, effectively accomplished a number of negative examples, investigation strictly correct loopholes in management, ensure the legitimate rights and interests and banking compliance management. "Mr Shang said.



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