Authorities MOM mother's day cut 5 impact your pocketbook-related

winner has emerged, not market expectations, to cut interest rates for the second time this year as scheduled, painted in colours for the economy market. But, was so unexpected, "Yang Mama" on mother's day, a special day to announce rate cuts, seems to be interested in to tell you: I'm not "mother", but better than "mother" to investors and buyers have given luxury gift.

gift is such of: later 2 months Bank again cut, announced cut 25 a basis points to 5.1%, Bank decided May 11 up save loan symmetric cut 0.25%, one years period deposits benchmark interest rate cut 0.25% to 2.25%, while combined advance interest rate market reform, will financial institutions deposits interest rate floating interval of ceiling by deposits benchmark interest rate of 1.3 times times adjustment for 1.5 times times; Other various grades of lending and deposit benchmark interest rates, personal housing accumulation Fund loan and deposit rates adjusted accordingly. After the five impact is closely related to your pocketbook.

1. interest income

the central banks cut interest rates, the 1-year deposit rate dropped to 2.25% from 2.5% in adjustment, we went to the Bank to deposit, interest rates will be reduced. 500,000 Bank 1 year fixed interest less than 1250. Meanwhile, deposit interest rate floating ceiling by 1.1 times benchmark interest rates widened to 1.2 times (if using floating range of commercial banks, the floating deposit interest rate and adjust levels before), gives banks greater autonomy, form the difference of interest rates between banks. Is actually a good thing, saving money can "shop around", select the banks higher interest rates to take care of their own wealth.

2. stocks "up" a

General view of the market, the stock market last week hit, authorities MOM decisively cut shots, are stock markets heal. Rate cut is the stock market a major boost, if nothing else tomorrow Shenzhen a share will be significantly higher open. Cut directly benefit highly leveraged industry, such as real estate, construction, securities, nonferrous metals, coal and other industries, however, the industry can enjoy lower interest rates good or market testing.

3. monthly mortgage will reduce

personal housing accumulation Fund for more than 5 years before the loan interest rate by adjusting the 4% down to 3.75%, commercial lending interest rates by adjusting the 5.9% before the cut to about 5.65%. In General, the Provident Fund loans and commercial real estate loans, the repayment rates are linked to the Central Bank's benchmark interest rate. Therefore, the benchmark interest rates for some wants to buy a House and family, mortgage pressure becomes small. For example when buying a house commercial loan of 1 million lending period of 30 years, using the method of equal repayments, monthly decrease of 260 Yuan a month or so after the rate cut, the total interest total reduction of about 90,000 yuan.

purchase less stressful, but it's worth reminding that, buyers on the sidelines, may miss the best time for home buyers, increasing housing costs, as buyers continue to reduce the cost, demand further activation of the property market, trading volume in the next few months a short-term rebound in the property market is certain things, prices are likely to gradually stronger, so active in the market at the moment is the best choice.

4. easier for venture capital

this rate cut, banks relaxed lending requirements, public loans more easily, borrowing costs are also reduced. Received financial support, will make more people with ability, more willing to invest in entrepreneurship, to do to get more income. While public bank loans more easily after the rate cut, also relaxed loan amount, but a loan approval process has been complex, means that people are not so easy to borrow money. Some people need loans from a number of non-bank financial institutions.

5. popular financial choices more

central banks cut interest rates directly affect the investment products, plus a larger main real estate, cement, building materials, such as asset-liability ratio higher or larger liquidity pressure; Secondly, the stock and bond markets are also good, but Jia Feng Shui advisers remind us that Stock and bond markets risk cannot be ignored. In terms of family asset allocation, prudent investments shall not give less, except for selected deposits, Treasury bonds, you can also select fixed-income products, low risk investment income as well.

, however, cut interest rates on the Monetary Fund as the main investment direction of balance Po Internet "baby" products and yields on bank financial products had a certain impact, since then the benefits of the two types of products is expected to be down, it is recommended that you choose carefully.



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