Really that good? Loans to buy a car is worth?

Lee recently to buy a new car, he sees a high-end car, which costs about 400,000 yuan, after than price, he is going to buy the car. However, sales consultants recommend, hope he can loan to pay for the car, if you use the loan to purchase a 1 year zero interest rates. While the rest of the money, Mr LI can be used to do business, or for other purposes.

consumer Adviser's recommendation made sense, Mr LI, the loan to buy a car? Judgement is not difficult in fact, based on the following three points to consider:

is their ability to pay. Loan car customers, most members are start-up or white-collar workers, loan options, means that the month's increase in fixed costs. Parking, fuel costs, maintenance costs and other fees, minimum by more than 1000 Yuan per month. If it is a business working capital savings used to, you need to consider the success or failure of the business, in case of failure, the car cannot mortgage, may be forced to withdraw.

Second, costs and benefits. Many people at the time of purchase, are attracted by low down payments and low interest rates, low monthly payments, but low cost is not entirely free of charge. "I friends of car is full paragraph buy down, no any offers, I was is to full paragraph buy of, but car of sales member is to I recommended has loan buy car, staging one years, without pay interest, just pay first payment, monthly for more than 4,000 more Yuan on can has, certainly has, also received has I 3000 Yuan of procedures fee" has had loan buy car experience of what Mr said. In fact, loan car is nothing more than saving a huge amount of capital expenditures, for white-collar workers, this money can be used as an emergency fund to cope with possible large expenditures, and also can take part in as an investment banking revenue there will be some; for business owners, if you need liquidity, loans to buy a car can reduce pressure on cash.

third offer. If you are experiencing zero interest rates, 0, fee is not high, and buyers can take the form of loans, after all, remaining funds can be used. Also, if lump-sum payments and no concessions, car buyers can be considered what kind of payment methods are more suitable for their own.

why vendors are keen to make consumer loans to buy a car, because you can make some of the fees. Automobile sales competition, profit if price is not high, manufacturers will definitely earn some money from other areas, such as licensing fees, loan fees, and so on. In General, loan fees are coming fast, for a loan, fees from 2000 to 5000 Yuan.



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